CAMP Schedule

CAMP drop-off between 8:30 - 9:00am
Pickup is 3:00pm sharp
AfterCamp 3:00pm - 5:00pm

Our CAMP day begins with families dropping of their CAMPers between 8:30-9:00am. Parents are welcome to walk their kiddos to their respective areas of the CAMP site to greet their CAMP counselors and drop off lunches and backpacks. From that point, each CAMP group congregates, plays games, learns CAMP songs, and discusses the day's activities. CAMP groups are Monkeys (4-5 years), Giraffes (6-7 years) and Lions (8-10 years).

Shortly after 9am, the entire CAMP gathers for our "Morning Meeting." This is where we talk about our CAMP theme, history, language, and culture through pictures, videos, maps, song, and even food. We occasionally bring in a special guest artist at this time who is a master of an art form within the theme we have chosen.  We also get energized with group songs and yoga-based morning stretches.

Next, we move into our class schedule. Each CAMP group flows through music, art, and dance classes where we focus in on our theme by singing and drumming in that theme's respective language and musical mode, creating visual art, costumes and sets, and learning folkloric dances from the theme's region. (Our 2019 themes are DAVID BOWIE and HIP HOP 1979-1992) Breaking up the the classes, we have a short 10-minute snack time where our CAMPers re-fuel, take a little break, and get mentally prepared for their final class before lunch.

At lunchtime we march as an entire CAMP to McCarren Park for some much needed change of scenery and fun in the sun. If it's too hot, however, we usually opt to stay indoors and give the CAMPers some indoor run around time and occasionally watch a movie.

The rest of our day is devoted to our all-CAMP rehearsal. This is when we get into "show" mode. Our Theater Director takes the helm and directs the students in a fantastic original musical/play that incorporates all that the CAMPers have learned in their music, dance, and art classes. The students all participate by learning lines for their roles, creating costumes and back drops, playing instruments and singing, and dancing in big ensemble pieces. It is the culminating performance of each CAMP session where families are invited to come celebrate all that their young CAMPers have learned and enjoyed!

AfterCamp is our low-key afternoon hang from 3-5pm. Games, movies, playtime, chill time. AfterCamp is not part of our registration process. Payment is per week or per day